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Are you a parent on edge because your children just don’t listen to you. You are definitely in need of positive parenting tips. And there are dozens you can learn, and will learn, but there is one tip that is so important to know because many of the others won’t work without knowing this one first.

Everyone is writing and talking about positive parenting tips. It’s a very hot topic on the internet these days. Usually people have catchy titles like; the six tips you’ve got to know, or try these nine tips to make your parenting life better. Well, there are actually dozens of positive parenting tips that one could use to

Positive Parenting Tips In Action

help their family situation. However, until you understand something very important, you will likely be undoing any good that you do.

One more thing before I get to this amazing fact that will turn your life around. I say this because, if you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you are having some trouble with your children. Think about the times that you have yelled at, or disciplined your children. Maybe they don’t stop at all, or if they do, don’t they just stop temporarily, then go back to what they were doing? There may be a few reasons for this, but there is definitely one very big reason!

It has been discovered that when a child (or anyone) has increased fear and stress (they usually go together), then something amazing happens. Their adrenal glands will then produce extra cortisol, which then goes to the brain. The result is that they become dis-oriented and then exhibit all the behaviors that you get angry at them for. When you then, yell at them, or discipline them, more cortisol goes to the brain.

This is a vicious cycle that just goes round and round. Go to positive parenting tips to read the entire story about cortisol. Or you can go here to also get lots of free information. You can also sign up for a one time fee, and get FREE Lifetime Membership to the Parent Learning Club. This is an exclusive online parenting, learning, and support club that gives you access to exclusive interviews, articles, audio, videos, questions and answers, support, webinar invites, and many many more special free gifts.

There’s a very important reason to act now. Increased cortisol to the brain has some long term effects which could include teenage delinquency and sociopathic tendancies. These can be serious if not addressed now!

In closing, a few important positive parenting tips to note. Firstly, don’t beat yourself up for adding to the problem. This is relatively new information, so just about everyone uses the wrong forms of child discipline! The important thing is what you do now!

The second thing is that, increased cortisol is only one of the three main reasons that children act up. The two other causes are that your child may have a genuine need or that they don’t understand something. Hopefully you will register with this program to learn dozens of techniques that you can use so that you can remain a calm, effective influence in your child’s life.

The last of the positive parenting tips for you is simply this. If things are bad in your household, chances are they didn’t go down hill over night. Don’t delay in taking action. I sincerely know these links, and the Happy Child Guide will help you.

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